Homage to the Rain

Homage to the Rain is an arts project celebrating rainfall around the world. The project is co-commissioned by Quays Culture and University of Salford Art Collection.

For the project we're looking for your videos of rain.

The videos will feature in a new piece of artist film that will premiere at Lightwaves Festival, Salford Quays, December 2019.

We’re looking for videos that capture the rain where ever you are, shot on a mobile phone in landscape. For examples visit our Twitter, Instagram or join our Facebook group.

If you’d like to send us a video please complete the form below and send us your video by wetransfer to: Homagetotherain@gmail.com

Alternatively please email us ( Homagetotherain@gmail.com ) and we can send you a link to upload your file.

Submission Form

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Consent of Use

Homage to the Rain is a project by Antony Barkworth-Knight, Rebecca Rae-Evans and Rob Turner.

By submitting your video to us you authorise that we may use and edit the video for our project Homage to the Rain.
You agree that your video may be edited and otherwise altered at the sole discretion of the filmmakers involved in the project and used in whole or in part for any and all broadcasting, non-broadcasting, audio/visual, and/or exhibition purposes in any manner or media, in perpetuity, throughout the world.


Aaro Perämaa, South Korea
Saska Minkkinen, Finland
Max Cromwell, US
Jennifer Ritschard, Switzerland
Lorenz Rohovnìk, Germany
Tom Watt, Spain
Jamie Kennerley, Brazil
Dave Watson, UK
Rebecca Rae-Evans, UK
Jamie O'Donnell, UK
Rose Van Leyenhorst, South Korea
Conor McKee, South Korea
Antony Barkworth-Knight, UK
Rob Turner, Japan/UK
Ellis Lowers, China
Louise Cardownie Clare, UK
David O'Sullivan, US
Ignacio Benavides, Mexico
Emily Balson, US
Quinn Gauder, US
Shauna Gregory, Canada
Anonymous, Pakistan
Anonymous, US
Gido Verkerke, Netherlands
Montana Runser, US
Emily Hudson, UK
Yishai Weinstein, US
Ferenc Popovits, Austria
Yishai Weinstein, US
Abel de Vries, Vietnam
Cathy Shiel, UK
Jamie Jenkins, UK
Ibn Asad, Malaysia
David Reynolds, Taiwan
NP, Thailand
Marc de Rode, Netherlands
Amanda Courtney, US
Jessica Sheppard, US
Mahdi Wahidi, Norway
Nattacha Sorathorn, Thailand
Holly Bagnall, UK
Space Pyromaniac, Italy
Dave Reynolds, Taiwan
Matt D'Arcy, Japan
Jay Overstreet, US
Emi Kr, UK
Saanil Kakati, India
Timothy Holmes, US
Tim Riley, US
Alex Knight, Japan
Stuart Barkworth, UK
Arthur van der Wal, Japan
Chris Martin, UK
Priya Anil, India
Andrew Beveridge, US
Jorik Laskewitz, Netherlands
Laurence Merculief, US
grimthewise, US
Miha Palčič, Slovenia
Joanna Dallas, US
Elizabeth Wainwright, UK
Hilary Tresidder, Banavie, UK
Ashley Watson, US
Kimberly Roylance, US
Aaron Cruse, US
Kate Austen, Ghana